The President and Treasurer of the RHS are elected annually by the members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The other elected Members of Council usually serve for five years with at least three retiring each year. New members are elected at the AGM with candidates having been nominated in accordance with the nomination process.
Candidates who wished to stand for election with the support of Council were asked to submit an expression of interest by 18 October 2019. The deadline for submission of nominations was 28 February 2020 – nominations have now closed.

Council believes that you need to have a keen interest or knowledge of horticulture and/or gardening to serve on the Council of the UK’s leading gardening charity. Council believes you should also possess one or more skills not already represented among trustees. For 2020, Council was particularity interested in hearing from members with experience of:

  • Science and botany

  • Finance and commercial horticulture

  • Shows and landscape construction

Reference information for ‘Nominations for Council’

The RHS is committed to providing equal opportunities and will welcome nominations from any eligible member of the Society.

Keith Weed to be proposed as President 2020

The RHS Council has announced it will be supporting the nomination of Keith Weed as RHS President, find out more.

For more information about RHS elections, please refer to the Charter and bye-laws and associated regulations. For further queries, email the Secretary or telephone 020 7821 3068.

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