Kniphofia monograph

We are publishing a new series of monographs - our first for more than 50 years. They mark a new era of RHS scientific publishing for all those who love cultivated plants. Although these monographs will include comprehensive information about species, their strength will lie in their extensive, illustrated coverage of cultivars - many of which can be grown in private gardens.

Through these scientific works we hope to encourage the enjoyment and use of a wider range of cultivated plants in gardens and landscapes. Furthermore, we hope to improve plant identification and promote plant conservation, cultivation, use, selection and plant breeding.

These monographs will, over time, strengthen the global knowledge bank on gardening and garden plants, and act as a confirmation of the importance of the RHS as an international centre of excellence of horticultural taxonomy.


Current monographs  
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Kniphofia - The complete guide by Christopher Whitehouse (2016)

Explore the diversity of red hot pokers (Kniphofia), from the amazing array of species in Africa to the many superb cultivars now available to gardeners across the world. The book includes:

✤ All 70 species in detail, including spectacular photographs in their wild habitats
✤ More than 160 cultivars illustrated and fully described, representing the majority in cultivation
✤ Cultivars grouped by flower colour, significantly aiding plant choice for gardeners and designers
✤ History of classification and introduction to cultivation
✤ Botany of Kniphofia and its relationship to other genera
✤ Significant hybridisers and breeding developments, from the 19th century to the present day
✤ A checklist of more than 1,000 cultivar and scientific names, including descriptions, dates and raisers
✤ Detailed cultivation advice and inspiring planting associations

ISBN 9781907057670
April 2016

Available from RHS Garden bookshops at Wisley, Harlow Carr, Hyde Hall and Rosemoor, and from RHS Books.

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Hedera – The complete guide by Hugh McAllister and Rosalyn Marshall

Discover the incredible range and uses of ivy, from the unusual wild species to the hundreds of colourful and useful cultivars. This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide includes detailed information on all 12 species and nearly 200 cultivars, grouped by leaf shape and colour - significantly aiding plant choice for gardeners and designers.

Information on a further 2,000 cultivar names is included in a checklist. The book also covers history, botany, raisers of cultivars, ecosystem services, uses in decorative arts, traditional uses, and extensive cultivation advice.

ISBN 9781907057731
April 2017

Available from RHS Garden bookshops at Wisley, Harlow Carr, Hyde Hall and Rosemoor, and from RHS Books.

Upcoming monographs

Wisteria (May 2019)

Lathyrus (May 2020)

Colchicum (September/October 2020)

Digitalis (2021)

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