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Reading a book in RHS library2019 RHS books podcast (Ep 169: 05 Dec 2019)

Free yourself from everyday mundanities and dive into other worlds from the comfort of your own home... yes it's our annual books special! This year our literary committee share a huge range of favourites, including unusual and delightful books for gifts this Christmas, books to excite children and stimulate the minds of adults too.

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RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show

Growing trees for the future and pet-proof planting (Ep 168: 21 Nov 2019)

With flooding, climate change and wellbeing becoming ever more important topics, planting trees has become a call to arms to anyone interested in making the future a brighter place.

We talk to Carol Honeybun-Kelly from the Woodland Trust about a nationwide tree-planting campaign, The Big Climate Fightback. Dr Andrew Hirons, Senior Lecturer in Arboriculture at University Centre Myerscough offers advice on the best trees for challenging urban situations, making some personal selections that should prove resilient in the face of climate change and increasing pest and disease threats.

Meanwhile, back at RHS Garden Wisley, our Gardening Advice teams offers tips on how to propagate bear's breeches (Acanthus) and shares advice on how to garden alongside cats and dogs.

Useful links  ►The Woodland Trust  ►John MacLeod Lecture: The environmental and health benefits of treesTree species selection guideRHS advice: trees Acanthus Potentially harmful plants (includes links to lists of plants poisonous to dogs and cats)  ►Find an RHS event near you

Selected trees mentioned: Stewartia pseudocamellia, Cornus kousa, Syringa reticulata


What type of hedge is best for trapping pollution? Which hedging plants help mitigate flooding risks? And can you grow roses and clematis together to make a flowering hedge? We went to a recent 'Hedging Your Bets' event at RHS Garden Wisley to find out more. Plus the Gardening Advice team gathers to answer queries on houseplants for a shady bathroom, growing houseleeks and aeoniums, the secrets of making great compost – and whether you can grow your own wasabi peas?!

Useful links Choosing hedges for environmental benefitsRHS advice on hedges  ►RHS hedge research paperBromeliads  ►How to make garden compostSee suppliers of wasabi plantsFind an RHS event near you

Selected houseplants mentioned: CereopegiaTradescantia sillamontana, Tradescantia zebrinaBillbergia, Vriesea, Cymbidium

Seasonal veg gardening advice, growing healthy in Gateshead and help with honey fungus (Ep 166: 24 Oct 2019)

This week the Wisley teams share their wisdom on growing great veg and dealing with the sweet-sounding but deadly bane of many gardens: honey fungus. Pathologist Matthew Cromey shares the results of recent RHS research which shines new light on which plants are most resistant. Plus the heartwarming story of an unused church plot that was transformed with help from the RHS's Greening Grey Britain campaign into a garden to soothe and feed the mind, body and soul.

Useful links Grow your ownGreening Great Britain ►Growing healthy in Gateshead ►Get involved - RHS community gardeningHoney fungusHoney fungus – resistant and susceptible plantsFind an RHS event near you 


Growing apples & grapes, award-winning clematis,  native trees from seed, hedgehog-friendly gardening and more (Ep 165: 10 Oct 2019)

Horticulturists Joe Olds and Bernard Boardman are in the orchard at Wisley, discussing how to get the best from apples and grapevines.  Alex Hankey talks plant trials and Sabatino Urzo shares the results of a recent People's Choice vote to discover the favourite clematis from a trial of 28 varieties at RHS Garden Harlow Carr.

Meanwhile, our gardening advice team gather to answer questions on growing British native trees from seed, making gardens hedgehog-friendly and pruning lavender and rosemary.

People's choice clematis award winners: 1 ) Clematis KINGFISHER = ‘Evipo037’, 2) Clematis 'Maria Skłodowska-Curie',  3) Clematis Zara = 'Evipo062', 4) Clematis BERNADINE = 'Evipo061', 5) Clematis CÉZANNE = 'Evipo023'

Useful links ►RHS advice: grow your own fruit  ► Wisley Taste of Autumn festival  ►Search RHS gardening advice  ►Hyde Hall recipe cards (see right of page)  ►RHS plant trials and awardsFind an RHS event near you  ►Growing trees from seed  ►Video: How to help hedgehogs




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