Wedgwood and the RHS

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The union of Wedgwood and the RHS is the coming together of two British icons that not only share the same past, but also that share a similar vision for the future: to enrich peoples’ lives by celebrating nature, championing sustainability and creating healthier and happier communities.

John Wedgwood first came up with the idea of the RHS, suggesting a horticultural society in a letter to William Forsyth, George III’s head gardener - little did he know how far reaching his idea would become. Wedgwood is an ideal fit for the RHS, and historic links have been re-established through this important and exciting partnership.

Wedgwood Water Lily

Wedgwood was founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood, who was not only a craftsman and potter but also a pioneer, philanthropist and marketer. With its rich heritage of over 250 years, Wedgwood has become a British icon and is a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship. With product and design development continuing in the UK, Wedgwood guarantees premium British lifestyle.

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Wedgwood and the RHS

Learn about the partnership between Wedgwood and the RHS.

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Wedgwood garden 2017

The first ever Wedgwood garden has been created by Sam Ovens, and will be revealed at the first RHS Chatsworth Flower Show in June 2017.

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